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Kids Discos

Kids Discos

Scroll down for Packages and Prices. Well, the name says it all, lots of fun! Our experience has taught us that is exactly what you want most for your kids and their friends, whether it’s a family party or a bigger event. We start with the music, all guaranteed to be clean and suitable for […]

Kids Parties

Fierce Fun Faces - Kids Parties

Fierce Fun Faces offer you a selection of services to make kids parties come alive. Scroll down to learn more about what we do. All services are available individually or can be combined into a personalised package that meets all your needs. Face Painting Kids love face painting. They love the way it transforms them […]

Glitter Tattoos

Ooooooh Glitter! Eyes light up when they see our selection of glitter, currently standing at 24 different colours and expanding. Glitter tattoos are waterproof, last 3-7 days and come in a vast selection of designs, which can be adapted to your theme or the season. Applied using the highest quality body glue and using biodegradable […]

Balloon Modelling

From the popular classic balloon dog and sword, to more complex butterfly wands, bows and arrows and unicorns you can wear, balloon modelling is a great way to bring fun, colour and excitement to your party and give your guests something to bring home. Our balloon models are made from 100% latex which is fully […]

Face Painting

Face Painting, Fierce Fun Faces

Kids love face painting. They love the way it transforms them into something new, something they love or a way they feel about themselves deep inside. It allows self-expression,  triggers their imaginations, boosts self-esteem and engages their own creativity.  Adults equally love it, whether enjoying a festival-style eye design with lots of glitter, reliving their […]

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